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Learning toys are meant to entertain children, yet at the same time help broaden and develop their minds. Also called educational toys, they claim to enhance intellectual, social, emotional and physical development. Some toys that might not be thought of as actual “learning toys” actually are, such as simple wooden blocks, which help with hand-eye coordination and patience. Wooden blocks are also very durable and therefore last a long time. Learning toys such as puzzles, or interlocking toys also help improve hand-eye coordination and helps preschoolers understand about moving parts and skills.

More learning toys are designed today than ever before, thanks to the sophistication of manufacturers, the internet and research. As parents and teachers become more aware to the development of children, toy manufacturers respond by producing and marketing to the parents. Also due to advances in electronics, there are even handheld learning toys for children today that help teach the alphabet, numbers, and as a tool for teaching how to spell and pronounce common words. They generally consist of a keyboard, a speech synthesizer and a receptor slot for a ROM game. A quick search on online under “educational games for children” will result in dozens of pages of possible suggestions for parents and educators.


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