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Preschool education usually begins between ages zero to 3 or 5, prior to the commencement of formal or obligatory education. In Great Britain, itís referred to as nursery school, or simply nursery. Preschool is commonly used in the United States. Preschool involves playtime, games, and crafts, but is also a time for developing other skills, as well. Activities for preschoolers isnít meant to be formal teaching from textbooks, but to inspire growth and development of young children in the best possible environment around children of a similar age. Preschool promotes:

Personal, social, and emotional development
Communication including talking, listening and sign language
Knowledge and understanding of the world
Playing and interacting with other children their own age
Creative development
Physical development
Physical health
Social skills
Play, balanced with naps and rest periods
Independence and feeling secure away from home and in the care of teachers
Learning about nature: animals, insect and bird life, flowers and trees.

Psychologists agree that more learning takes place during the first five years of a childís life than any other period of life. Personality and character are developed during these early, formative years. A quality preschool considers the childís whole self: physical, mental, emotional and social welfare. Preschool is meant as a supplement to any learning done at home and the length of time spent in preschool is decided by parents and teachers. Preschool is optional, although recommended by most doctors, teachers and psychologists.


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